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How Do We Get From Tyrannical Bondage to Liberating Spiritual Faith?

The initially factor we need to have to do prior to we can be free of charge is to have an understanding of how we got beneath tyrannical bondage. These who have studied the history of nations inform us all nations go by means of 10 stages that lead from bondage to bondage once more. They are as follows:

1. from tyrannical bondage to liberating spiritual faith
2. from liberating spiritual faith to wonderful courage
3. from wonderful courage to liberty
4. from liberty to abundance
5. from abundance to selfishness
6. from selfishness to complacency
7. from complacency to apathy
8. from apathy to moral decline
9. from moral decline to dependency
10. from dependency to tyrannical bondage once more.

This approach has taken, on an typical, about 200 years. With spiritual renewals this time can be extended. It appears like the USA is heading for dependency on the National Government which will swiftly bring us beneath tyrannical bondage. If we do not turn back to God swiftly, we are going to drop it all. If this occurs, we have no 1 to blame except ourselves.

This approach is not anything that can not be controlled or stopped. There is a driving force that carries a nation or people today beneath tyrannical bondage. This approach is forged by our alternatives. We pick out our spot along the path of life. Terrible alternatives have negative outcomes. The alternatives that lead to tyrannical bondage are outlined in Romans 1:18-two:16. As you study this Scripture, you can see it all begins with refusing to apply God’s absolute requirements of proper and incorrect to our everyday activities. We turn out to be a law of our personal selecting. We make the laws as we go. “Absolutely everyone does that which is proper in his personal eyes.” Then we refuse to acknowledge that God is our Creator.

This is accomplished by applying a naturalistic explanation for our existence. Obtaining accomplished this, the subsequent step is, we are not thankful for God’s goodness to us. As a result, we do not glorify God as worthy of our worship and praise. Obtaining forsaken God, we fall into worshiping anything other than God. This could be material possessions, heroes, idols, or ourselves. Obtaining disregarded our moral compass and our God, we fall into all types of sexual perversions and sinful practices. When we comply with this path we bring the wrath of God down upon us. God turns us more than to a reprobate thoughts. If this need to come about, we are unable to make logical choices. At this point, we turn out to be smart fools. Our lust for an antinomian way of life destroys our will to resist tyrannical bondage. We turn ourselves more than to the workers of darkness. We spot ourselves beneath the bondage of tyrannical rulers. What was believed to be a path to liberty, turns out to be a path to tyrannical bondage.

As soon as we are placed beneath tyrannical bondage, there is only 1 hope left. God is the only One particular Who can set us free of charge. “God loves us” and has a liberating spiritual faith that will set us free of charge from tyrannical bondage. There are numerous examples that show how God does this in His Holy Word, The Holy Bible.

1. There is the instance of Joseph becoming place in prison for no fault of his personal. His master’s wife lied about him. Two of Pharaoh’s servants messed up and have been thrown into the identical prison Joseph was in. Joseph helped them though they have been in distress regarding dreams they had. Joseph rightly interpreted their dreams. Two years later Pharaoh dreamed dreams that troubled him. Joseph was named in to interpret his dreams. Joseph interpreted his dreams and was produced a ruler in Egypt. He went from prison (tyrannical bondage) to a member of Pharaoh’s court (liberating spiritual faith) in much less than an hour.

2. The Israelites have been in bondage in Egypt for 430 years. God named upon Moses to assist Him bring them to the Promised Land. Following God’s judgments have been executed upon Pharaoh, the tyrant of Egypt, the Israelites have been permitted to leave Egypt (tyrannical bondage) to go to their Promised Land (liberating spiritual faith). It took them a different 40 years to get there.

3. The Israelites have been in bondage in Babylon for 70 years. God instructed their ruling kings to assist them go back to their Promised Land and He instructed some of His people today to lead them back and to assist them have a spiritual renewal.

4. The greatest instance of this is a sinner becoming set free of charge. A particular person who is lost in sin’s dark evening (tyrannical bondage) is free of charge to reside a life to the complete (liberating spiritual faith). When a sinner turns from sin and accept Jesus as his or her Savior, that particular person becomes a new creation of God. That particular person has been born once more and becomes a youngster of God, a member of His household of faith and is beneath His protection.

Numerous nations are beneath tyrannical bondage of 1 sort or a different. The holding force (tyrannical bondage) could be materialism, socialism, or religious tyranny. They need to have to be set free of charge. They need to have a liberating spiritual faith.

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